Sunday, December 30, 2007

Two of a Kind

I have another picture of Astrid that I know would show more of the resemblence but this is the only one I could find tonight. I have one where she has the same serious expression. The second picture is of Eric's dad Mark at the age of 8 months. You can definetly tell these two are related.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Ingrid!!!!

Pop got this dollhouse from someone and We have been working on it for Ingrid. Uncle Greg put a new floor and roof on it. Ingrid and I wallpapered it with the papers of her choosing and last night afterIngrid had fallen asleep a fairy came and painted her name on it and some other details. She was so excited this morning. Gigi made her a beautiful heart cake that was pink and purple. Pop and Gigi got her her own personal DVD player and her own copy of GREASE. She was excited about that. She has had a busy weekend with her nutcraker performances but was glas she did it and says she will do it every year till she has played every part. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET ANGEL!!!!