Monday, October 26, 2009

current pictures

In the top pic Ingrid is very upset with me about something....I think I wouldn't let her wear flip flops to school on this cold rainy day. The other pics are soccer this year. Siggie is playing but doesn't seem to care about it. Astrid is playing very well again this year....I think she has grown into her feet again. She is a ladies 6 1/2 or 7. I need to take a pic of Ingrid at dance tomorrow. She does very well and is the youngest in her class. they moved her up with the grade ahead of her. And as far as my eyes can tell she is far better than these girls too.
I went to parent teacher conferences tonight. Nothing but good news there. Ingrids teacher really bragged on her writing abilities and how advanced she is in this area. She said Ingrid's stories are very entertaining. I will have to type one out on here for yall to read.
Astrid does well in school but is quiet and shy and likes to make sure she doesn't stand out.
I wonder what will happen next year when I have conferences on Sigrid? I think my luck will have run out by then.....