Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week in Review

The girls have had Benchmark testing all week so we have been going to bed early and getting up early to eat a good breakfast. I am all "cooked" out for a few days. Astrid wanted red velvet cake for her birthday. She had the idea for the cherry pie filling and I must say it was delicous. Her and her friend Alyssa's birthdays are both in April so we rented the pool at Arkansas Tech and had a big time friday night. Good way to end testing week too.

Soccer season has started back up so weekends are full of games. Ingrid is getting ready for her big dance recital which will be at the end of May. She has three solo dances this year. She is also making up a dance to do in the talent show this year. Astrid promptly threw away her talent show entry form. Astrid goes to 5th grade camp on Tuesday. Hope she has fun. Sigrid does not have much going on these days. She is just busy going to Pops to play. She does have plants growing. She planted birdhouse gourds, sunflowers and watermelons. Everything is coming up and now we have to figure out where we are going to transplant it.

Two weeks til I head to Phoenix.