Saturday, April 28, 2007


We have been busy lately. Astrid had a skating party a couple of weekends ago. The picture shows some of the kids doing the limbo. Astrid had just knocked the pole down. Today Ingrid and I spent the day at dance rehearsals. Her big recital is tomorrow at 3:00. The pictutures show her jazz routine. She is the best in her class of course. She really gets up there and gives it her all. She tried out for the Nutcracker last week. We will know the 5th is she made it or not. Astrid had her last soccer game for the year last Saturday. Sigrid is just rotten. She has a very dirty mouth....I don't know where she learned those words.....not me of course. She has learned to sing some songs and does a good job of it. She sings "I had a little Turtle" , R-E-D, B-L-U-E, and her ABC's. Well I need to get to bed.

I am definetely related to Helen

These pictures show my dirty floor, my freshly mopped floor, and then my floor cleaned with a spray bottle of bleach and a toothbrush. I shall be able to go to bed and rest easy now....knowing my floors are as clean as they can be.....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Astrid had a Golden Birthday!!

Astrid had a wonderful birthday. Ingrid made her birthday cake. Astrid got a camera, bug vaccuum, clothes, shoes, a leather horse and more. Her Daddy took her to eat at New China (her favorite) She will have a skating party next weekend with her school friends. This weekend being Easter, we decided to wait til next weekend. The girls looked pretty today for Easter. It was somewhat cold but not like yesterday. Ingrid did an excellent job singing at church today....she sang He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Eric weed eated and mowed on Saturday for the first time this year. The yard looks so pretty. Gigi and I dug up 6 maples, 3 dogwoods, and a pin oak today. We planted 3 maples, 3 dogwoods, and the pin oak at my house. The other 3 maples she planted at her garden. We had set out on an adventure looking for rocks but we found trees instead.