Saturday, April 12, 2008

Haircuts....One Special one to Honor Aunt Helen

Sigrid and Astrid got their usual trims today but Ingrid did something special. Ingrid cut off 10 inches of hair to donate to locks of love for making wigs for terminally ill children. This was done in honor of my Aunt Helen. Ingrid looks absolutely adorable and is proud of her new do.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday ASTRID!!!!

Astrid is 8 on April the 7th. I can hardly believe it. She invited her class to a hot dog and marshmallow roast on Saturday night. They played in the tree swing Pop built for her last summer, they played What time is it Mrs. Fox? and they skipped rocks at the lake. All had a good evening. Astrid has the look of uninhibited joy in the second pictures as one of her friends got her a black fresian webkins. That is one of her favorite horses and webkins is the new fad toy. Ingrid cooked her cupcakes that were decorated like frogs and I guess I forgot to snap a picture of them. There are a few left and maybe I will get a picture of one. The phone rang when we had just started to make the cupcakes and I got caught up in conversation with a girlfriend and when I was finished Ingrid had made the cupcakes all I had to do was cook them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASTRID.....YOU ARE ONE OF LIFES GREATEST JOYS!!!!!!!