Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Manners Tea

At the 5th grade they have a good manners tea each year. The children practice there manners and how to small talk all month and then the parents dress up in white shirts and black pants and serve the children. The kids go two classrooms at a time and get to spend the first half with their friends and the last half they must introduce theirselves and small talk with children from the other class. The kids get really excited about the clothes they are going to wear and what their friends will be wearing. I took Astrid and let her pick out a whole new outfit and Erin thought it was a waste. But I had taken her other dress clothes to school for the counselor to let the girls who did not have any have to wear to the tea. It was all in good fun and I enjoyed it.
Gigi came and visited Astrid while she was there.
The blonde with Astrid is Eleanor and her mom is Astrid's pediatrician. Very sweet girl and she thinks it is such an adventure to come to our house. The dark headed girl is Alyssa, Astrid's closest friend and she is BIG time tomboy. This was such a stretch for her to wear pants and a sweater. She would not let her ponytail down though.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

What we did in the snow

Ingrid and Sigrid spent friday building quilt tents and then playing in them. They also have slept in them the last two nights. I made them take them down today since we have school tomorrow.