Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation 2009

we had a nice vacation. I think Astrid had the most fun. She was on a mission to find the most sea shells and all the different kinds. There are 500 known different kinds on the beach there. She is now a shell expert and knows the names and anything else you could want to know. She also got to see manatee, stingray, and crab among other little sea creatures in their natural environments...not in an aquariaum or zoo. It was hot but enjoyable and we got to meet another relative from the christenson side....the girls great aunt Margot. We loved her.

More for Gigi

The top blury one is Margot's Senior High picture. The next picture is the blended Christenson and Fredrickson family. Mark is the oldest boy in the back with the cheesy grin. Next is James Christenson's military id. Then is Andy and Ella (merle's parents). And last is James Christenson and his daddy Charlie (on the right).

Pictures for Gigi

the top picture is Sjur, Marta and their children Andy, Ollie, and Tena. The next picture is Eric, girls, and his Aunt Margot. Next is James Christenson's navy pic(I have one that is not blurybut clicked the wrong one) and under that is Grandma Merle. The last one is Andy, Ollie and Tena again.