Saturday, September 22, 2007


Helen how much should I start charging for these......Mom and Erin call on me to make these when there is a baby shower. Erin needs one for a doctor at work having a baby girl and Mom needs two for a lady at work having twins....a boy and a girl. Mom says to me Laura if you will make two towels for me for this girl at work I will put Eric's name on the card bout that....I do all the work and she gets all the credit. The one in the middle is for a girl at my work....she is using beige and brown for her baby. Helen sent me two hooded towels she made when I was pregnant with Astrid. We still use them every night after our bath. From the two she has made I have made bunches for all my friends. I also make bandana baby quilts. I made a real pretty one a couple of weeks ago. It was pink and brown for a little baby girl named Loralie. My closest friend at work is having her second girl in november so when I get her quilt made I will post a picture of it.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


The girls were so excited about their new outfits. They all fit perfectly and they can't wait for the cool weather so they can wear them. Siggie wanted to sleep in hers but we compromised and she put on her pajamas but her clothes are in the bed with her. Ingrid loves to say XOXO so she thinks it is so cool that it is on her jeans. She said everyone will expect a kiss and hug from her because of her new jeans. Astrid was also very excited.....she was curious how Helen new the size to buy. I told her Helen new alot about little girls so she could just tell by the pictures. You made their day Aunt Helen and Thank You and I LOVE YOU.