Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun Times

Ingrid had her dance recital last weekend. She had three solos and they were fabulous. Her friend from school came to watch. Her name is Michaella. Sigrid's friend from school was also in the recital. I took Sigrid and her picture together but then forgot to upload it. The girls have swam all weekend. What fun they are having. When they are not swimming, they hafe drawn a four square court on the concrete and they play that. It is Astrid's favorite recess game and now she can play it at home with her sisters. On Saturday morning we picked strawberries at Clarksville. I made freezer jam yesterday. It was Eric's birthday yesterday so his cake was strawberry shortcake. I made a yellow sponge cake and I made pie crust for me and Astrid 'cause we like that instead of cake. Before we picked strawberries we went and watched the "Angel's" play baseball. It is a league for kids with special needs and the two girls in the picture running the bases are my favorites. Gilliah and Zoe. Both were abandoned at birth and adopted by a family here in Russellville who adopt many special needs children. These two girls brighten my day everyday. The shorter one has down syndrome and the taller one has another syndrome which the name of has left my brain right now. The girls and I had a blast watching them play ball. Every few minutes they would yell "Mrs. Laura, Look at me!" Except it came out of there mouths more like "Mrs. WaWa". I love it.