Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Astrid at the Peabody

Astrid and her class made a presentation at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock yesterday. They presented on what second graders are capable of doing with a computer. It was at the technology conference for educators and administrators across the state. Astrid and her class developed a car wash business and through powerpoint, word, and excell they made their presentation. Astrid's computer teacher, Mr. Yeager, has an A-team out of the class who are his front row and his brightest. Of course, Astrid is one of the A-team. Mr. Yeager describes Astrid as "focused". She did not want any speaking parts but gave her all to the work done on the computer. She really likes Excell and I think her Pop would too if he had access to it. She also is impressive with the Powerpoint and has written some stories in Word. Well I guess I will quit bragging and call it a night.