Sunday, June 25, 2006

For Aunt Helen

Paula Deen has a cooking show on the food network. She is from Albany, Georgia. She has a restuarant in Savannah, GA called the Lady and Sons. She cooks good southern food just like I am used to. She makes a lot of things my Me-ma used to cook. Out here she comes on at 6:00 am and 9:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Through the week I think she comes on here at 12:00.....I don't usually watch through the week. Her show is called Paula's Home Cooking. I just love her and love to hear her talk. I have tried lots of her recipes and can't think of any I have messed up. Her ingredients are simple and usually I have heard of or seen most the recipes. Her being from Georgia she does cook some oysters which I have no desire to try.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fleta told me to

4 Jobs I have had
My first job I worked at Wal-mart....first as a cashier, then in health and beauty aids, and then in womens mother encouraged me to apply for this job...she new she would get a discount.
While I worked at Wal-mart I would also volunteer at the hospital....they voted me volunteer of the year and as soon as I graduated high school they gave me a job. I didn't work in a typical volunteer job. I worked in the Human Resources department and therefore had access to all employee records. It was then that I decided I wanted to work in the health feild. I knew how much everyone in that hospital made. The job they gave me when I graduated was as the receptionist for the Cancer center. I worked for one fabulous doctor and one bitty. I worked 30-36 hours a week and went to college full time.
To have a good medical career and because I got married I transfered schools. While a the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville I did many jobs, I worked in the registrars job as work study. I took care of an 80 year old man with cancer... I cooked, cleaned and took care of his garden, I was a graduate assistant to one of the professors in the Speech department, I babysit one of my professors little boy and in turn she took care of me when I needed it and allowed me to sleep at her house many nights.
After graduating with my Masters degree in Communication disorders I am a speech-langauge pathologist. I have worked in nursing homes, at Carroll Regional Medical Center, and for several Carroll County public schools. I Now am the Director of the Speech Department for and intergrated preschool where I work with 0-5 year olds and mentally disabled adults in their work environment. I am blessed with my job.

3 movies I like
Like my aunts I don't watch lots of movies but three I have watched and like are
Gone With the Wind
Love Story
To Kill a Mockingbird

3 TV shows I watch I try to limit my TV watching.... but some shows I indulge in occassionally
What Not to Wear
Paula Deen----I love her!!!
Grey's Anatomy

4 Foods I love....this will be hard to limit to 4
Homegrown watermelon
Bacon,Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and mayonnaise on toasted bread
Fried squash
fresh green beans, with new potatoes and bacon grease
Homemade desserts

4 places I have lived
Pottsville, Ar
Fayetteville, AR
Mt. Vernon Tx
Green Forest, AR

4 websites I visit daily

Blogs....that is it

4 vacations
Skiing in Breckridge, Co
Corpus Cristi, Tx
San Antonio, Tx
Mesa, Az
Panama City, Fl
New Orleans, LA

4 friends
My sister, My husband, My parents

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I took the one picture of Sigie yesterday in her new Auntie shirt. Then I tried to go to work this morning to take care of a little paperwork and I had been there 10 minutes when they paged me for a phone call. I question whether to pick it up or not because everyone knows I don't work in the summer but I picked it up anyway and it is Eric very concerned Sigie needs stitches. Well she needed 4 to be exact. She fell while playing and hit her head on the corner of the entertainment center. We are not exaggerating when we say she is a dangerous child. Dr. Nelson said she could glue them or stitch them. The glue would be painless but leave a good size scar. Eric wanted the glue I went for the stitiches. He got to sit in the waiting room with the big girls. I got to console Sigie while they sewed her up. Dr. Nelson had said she would fall asleep once they injected the medicine around the wound. Sigrid fought her screaming and kicking til the last stitch. Dr. Nelson was very calm and steady through the whole process she just kept saying "she sure has a lot of fight in her." Wonder where she gets that......

Monday, June 19, 2006

The little mermaid

Astrid in total awe and wonderment.

Little Larry

Sigie liked to eat the sand.

We're Home

How wonderful it feels to be home. I think that is the best part of vacation. You appreciate home so much more after being gone. I think Sigie thought we had moved. She just ran around laughing and screaming when we got home. I know she thought we were never coming back. Astrid also was glad to be back. She went straight to pop and gigi's when we got here. She had been sad the last two days of vacation. She would call pop and gigi and just talk and talk and not want to hang up. Ingrid on the other hand was plenty happy being gone. She did not cry to come home once.
Well I guess I will post a few more pictures. There are none of me for I was behind the camera the whole time. So sad yall can't see how lovely I am in a bathing suit. HA!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Laura's Swing


Laura's blog looked so sad. I decided to post a picture
of her swing her Daddy put up for her for Mother's Day.
When he built my swing, Astrid came over and sat and
looked sad...Pop asked her what was wrong and Astrid Mother would like a swing I this. That was
enough to make Pop want to fix her one.

Laura, Eric and the girls are having a great time in
Florida and Laura said Tuesday it rained some, but
they are not near the storm. Today the girls walked
on the beach and gathered shells. They love shells.
We miss them but they will stay the entire time as
gas is expensive and so they will need to enjoy
the whole week.

I sure miss my Sunshine girl and her babies!
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Dying Bush

Well I have been trying to upload pictures to this thing and it is taking too long and I am impatient. I let Astrid and Ingrid play with my camera one day and they had a blast. If gave me an idea for santa claus. They took some really silly pictures and some wonderful pictures of each other. They took a picture of one of my bushes outside my front porch. It has slowly been dying and I couldn't figure it out. Finally my husband confessed to have been peeing off the porch at night.

Saturday morning we leave for the Florida beach. I hope my girls enjoy it and will remember it. Not a lot is going on here. We are enjoying our time off....working in the yard and house, taking the girls swimming and to the library. The girls joined the summer reading program at the library. Astrid is reading well...she spent the night with pop and gigi and read to them. Her favorite book right now is The Golly Sisters Go West.

I will try to upload the pictures again later if I find the time.