Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taylor Swift

Well the girls had an awesome time seeing Taylor Swift last night. They have a wonderful Aunt who bought them tickets and took them. I took a few pictures but none worth posting. Hopefully the wonderful Aunt will share hers with you.
All has been well here just lots of school and running around. Soccer and dance also begins once school begins so BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Sigrid is also playing soccer this year and Eric is coaching her team. She was upset about her daddy not letting her start the game but she is not one of the best players YET. Hopefully she will gain some skill but she may not....only time will tell. Astrid played awesome at her game and poor Ingrid was bored with all this soccer. Ingrid is taking dance on Tues nights for 1 and 1/2 and she reads above a 5th grade reading level her teacher told us Thurs. night and she is only 7!! I am proud of them all!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Astrid drew me a picture of a horse. Sigrid colored me a picture and wrapped up a seashell out of her room in notebook paper to give to me. Ingrid made me a birthday cake out of paper, gave me one of her necklaces, all of her pennies, and wrapped up one of her toys for me. They also made me cupcakes. I sat at the kitchen table giving directions and stayed out of the way. They did all the making. All in all it was a wonderful day and I am wonderfully blessed.

I read a fiction book last night called the Last Sin Eater. I did not know about this custom that was brought over by the Welsh and Scotts. Some unlucky soul would be chosen to be the Sin Eater and when someone died would come to the body and take all the sins upon himself and burn in Hell for all the sins he carried. It was very interesting and has made me want to read more about it. I am glad I know that only one can bear my sins. And I am so thankful He did. The greatest gift of all.