Monday, April 08, 2013

Busy Two Weeks

We have had birthday celebrations two weekends in a row.  Siggie had her friend Marley spend the night on Good Friday.  Marley always has to call her mom when she goes and spends the night some where.  Well, we were gonna have none of that.  So, Siggie and her daddy set up the camping tent in the living room and I stayed up as long as it took to get Marley to stay.  They stayed in the tent from the time they got home from school until we took Marley home the next morning.  Siggie decided it would be a big deal if they stayed up til midnight.  At 11:50 Siggie said "I gotta get some sleep."  Well, I was afraid if Siggie fell asleep Marley would be begging to call her Mom.  So, Siggie had an idea that I read from the book Stories for Little Girls that Gigi had bought Ingrid long ago.  It is one of Siggie's favorites.  It is full of short stories about 5 sisters.   Their momma has died and their daddy has to travel for work, so they are left home to take care of themselves.  They are quite creative little girls. It is set in the country on a farm and before kids had t.v.'s and video games.  As soon as I started reading it was lights out for Siggie.  I had to read another hour before Marley fell asleep but I got her to sleep and she made it through the night.  When she woke up the next morning, she was very proud of herself.

Astrid turned 13 Sunday.  We had a girls night on Saturday night.  We played 10 Minute-to-win-it games.  It was the most fun and the girls laughed and laughed.  I think Astrid enjoyed herself.

Ingrid is glad all these birthdays are over I am sure.  Two weeks of it being all about her sisters is more than she can stand.  She needs it to be all about her.  Later this month, she is planning on trying out for the Nutcracker again.  She hasn't decided which part she is aiming for yet.

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Erin said...

POP looks skinny! I wish I had been at the party and Marley looks so sweet and fun!