Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Here are some pics for Gigi.  Hope you enjoy them.  These are some of the ones I ordered from shutterfly with my 101 free prints.  Astrid is of the age pictures with her friends are very important to her, so I let her upload pics from her phone and pick some to order.  When she gave the computer back to me she had picked 83 photos to order.  I said that wasn't fair to the rest of us for her to get 83/101.  So, she downsized it to about 40.  I asked Ingrid if she would like me to order any of her friends from 5th grade camp.  She said "nah".  I believe she just didn't want to leave whatever she was reading long enough to go through and pick some.  I ordered a few for her I picked and a couple for Siggie of her and her friend, Marley.  Then I ordered some of the vacation.

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